The Department of Livestock is pleased to offer the Bhutan Journal of Animal Science (BJAS), Special Issue, October 2022 in addition to annual BJAS Volume 6, Issue 1 published this year. This special issue is published to motivate and strengthen research culture amongst our field researchers and colleagues by sharing their research work and findings to a wider audience particularly planners and policy makers in order to promote evidence-based practices and policies. In addition, the applications of research findings can be disseminated to farming communities to contribute towards the progressive improvement of livestock productivity and the growth of the livestock sector.

This Special Issue has 11 articles published on different livestock development areas namely breeding, production, health, feed and fodder submitted by novice and veteran researchers for documentation and dissemination of their research findings.

Indeed, I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to the Editor-in-Chief of BJAS, associate editors and reviewers for their dedicated efforts in coming up with this Special Issue, despite being confronted with numerous challenges and limitations. I remain indebted and also greatly appreciative and proud of all the authors for their excellent contributions and commitment for the success of this Special Issue.

Finally, before I end, let me request and encourage all amateur and professional researchers to continue providing quality and scientific articles to make this journal credible and reputable at the national and international levels and most important of all, to continue strengthening science in the country for better decisions and better outcomes.

Tashi Delek!


                                                                                                           Dr. Tashi Yangzome Dorji

                                                                                                           Director (Advisor to BJAS)